Project: Funny wedding anniversary cake

The client wanted their wedding anniversary cake to have some sense of humor, something different from the typical.  Instantly, I recalled an image of a cake I once saw at a cake shop in SM Fairview during our recent holiday.  The cake was in the shape of a bed made with fondant and on top of the bed lay two hand-molded figures of a male and a female curled up under a blanket.  I thought it might be the perfect inspiration for my project.

I've never tried doing faces before; I always get the notion that it's complicated.  But, I had to force myself to try no matter how hard it may seem.  Tried as much as I could to copy every detail of each head; the distinguishing feature was their hair.  There should be no confusion on their gender *laughs*. 

As soon as they were done, I couldn't stop myself from smiling because they looked so much like "Pido-Dida".


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